Health & Safety

The widespread use of fossil fuels has benefited the march of human civilization. However, excessive consumption of fossil energy has become a catastrophe for humankind, and has already triggered a crisis in environmental safety. Fund Energy believes that the industrial application of MTO (methanol-to-olefins) will help promote the strategic adjustment of the energy mix in China, which will be of significant value in the implementation of the country’s “Petroleum Alternatives” strategy and ensuring its energy security. It will also bring along massive social and economic benefits.

We believe that a safe and healthy workplace is a prerequisite for the stable operation of a company, and is directly related to a company’s long term progress and development. As such, since our establishment, we have implanted the concept of occupation healthy and safety into our corporate philosophy, and have established and act in strict adherence to various measures to ensure the safety of our staff and production.

In order to ensure the safety of our staff, we endeavor to improve the safety management system, which is implemented throughout the construction of each project; formulate standards for the staff’s work gear and equipment; arrange safety training courses for all staff; and to ensure that all safety regulations are implemented. As for production safety, we have implemented safety regulations and production safety regulations, including site inspections, a reporting system and an on-duty personnel system, throughout our factory premises so as to ensure that our production sites are safe and under control.

In the meantime, we have strict Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) assessment and punishment provisions in place to manage our contactors so as to eliminate all unauthorized directives and operations.

We strive in the pursuit of our goal of “Zero Injuries, Zero Accidents”, and have brought our health and safety standards to international levels. Looking forward, Fund Energy will develop itself into a financial and industrial company. We will work with the community to promote the development of our MTO business so as to play a part in enhancing our country’s energy safety and in protecting our environment.

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