At present, our primary products and applications are as follows:


Glycol is mainly used in the manufacture of resins, plasticisers, synthetic fibres, cosmetics and explosives, and production of antifreeze agent for solvent and engines.


Polypropylene is the third major type of plastic after polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene, and is of growing importance to the market. It is widely applied in different areas such as chemicals, chemical fibres, construction, light industry, home appliances, packaging, agriculture, national defense, transportation, plastic products for the general public, etc.

C4In addition to directly used as fuel and coolant, C4is mainly used in the production process of various synthetic organic materials such as the dehydrogenation of butene and butadiene, the isomerisation of isobutane, the catalytic oxidation of maleic anhydride and acetic acid, the halogenation of halogenated butane, the nitration of nitrobutane, the catalysis process of carbon disulfide at high temperatures and the generation of hydrogen from steam reforming.

C5Carbon V is mainly used to produce petroleum resins for applications in various industries such as rubber, paint, hot melt adhesives and ink.

Along with the steady upgrade of our production capacities in the next several years, we will proactively expand and optimize our distribution and marketing network for downstream products to enlarge our market share in the China market while strategically tapping overseas markets to enhance our influence .

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